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The Healers Support Fund is a community driven fund that gives scholarship awards to BIPOC/QTPOC mental health and healing practitioners including clinicians, yoga practitioners, community workers, and group facilitators  to implement FREE  and innovative healing and support strategies in Michigan as well as funds for healers to expand their expertise.


Why this fund? 

According to the office of minority health, African Americans are 10% more likely to report having serious psychological distress than Non-Hispanic whites. Medicaid plays an incredibly important role in mental health access. The federal program is the largest provider of behavioral health  (mental health and substance use treatment) coverage in the United States. In 2015, Medicaid covered 21% of all people with mental health needs, 26% of adults with serious mental illness, and 17% of adults who received substance use treatment.


Mental and emotional health is critical to the lives of Black and brown folks’ well-being. And yet, it is often overlooked. We are more likely to be uninsured and can’t often afford the services or activities that support our healing, or they’re not accessible because they’re not located in our neighborhoods. 


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