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The Healers Community Support Fund is a fund that directly gives resources to BIPOC/QTPOC community members who are living with mental conditions, or supporting children living with mental conditions.  These are the priority populations for the fund, however HCCM recognizes that all community members are living in distress during these times and all applicants are considered. 

How do I apply? What Can I get?


The Fund gives economic gifts of $200-$500.00 as well as support with tailored virtual workshops, and when possible, individualized  supports. 






How often are resources given? 


HCCM opens this fund up quarterly, and will accept applications until funds allocated for that quarter are spent. More funds may be available dependent on support from funders and community. 


How do I support? 


You can donate to support the fund here. All donations go directly towards supporting our community, scholarships, staffing and programming.  

Apply Here! 

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